FarmGAS Calculator ST and Financial Tool

The FarmGAS Calculator ST is a decision making tool that allows farmers, land managers, researchers and advisors to investigate how different management and production practices might alter the greenhouse gas emissions profile of a farm business or farm enterprise activity. You can use the FarmGAS Calculator ST to create and compare different enterprise and management scenarios for an individual farm or a range of farms.

The Financial Tool uses the production and emissions data produced in the FarmGAS Calculator ST to compare the financial and emissions performance of a farm with a range of emission reduction scenarios (projects) for that farm. The combination of emissions estimates and financial performance allows the user to evaluate carbon farming projects that might be applicable to their organisation.

You can register for access to the FarmGAS Calculator ST and Financial Tool by entering your details in the side bar to the right of the screen.

Once you have access you will be directed to the FarmGAS Calculator ST Homepage which includes links to the Financial Tool as well as links for learning resources for NEW USERS.